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Keyless Nut Locks™ for Kahler® Black
Keyless Nut Locks
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Custom engineered and precise machining allows for a simple DIY retrofit onto your existing Kahler® behind the nut string locks in just a few minutes.


Please note: Picture is for illustrative purposes only. Lock base is not included.


After installation the hardened steel Keyless Nut Locks™ may be lifted and indexed to a player’s preferred position. The headstock tuners can now be easily access for tuning with a quick turn. Due to the superior design, unlocking and locking does not require re-adjusting as with cam lever based solutions often may. 


Currently available in both black and chrome finishes each retrofit kit includes:
One set of 3 Steel Keyless Nut Locks™
One set of 3 Hardened Stainless Steel Tightening Posts and Screws
One set of 3 Conical SpringsLOCK BASE IS NOT INCLUDED.


Protected under Patents 

9,542,915 10,553,156

 Patent 9,542,915, Other Patents Pending.
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